How do I order? Choose the article(s) you want to buy and add to the cart. Choose the option Finhale Purchase. If you are a registered customer, do login, otherwise perform your registration on our website. Show us the desired shipping address, choose the payment method and complete your order.
You'll receive an e-mail in your mailbox with the order note. When we confirm the availability of your article in our warehouse you receive a second email with that information.
 In case of bank transfer we ask you to email us the proof of payment and indicate the order number.


Can I pick up my order in a store? Yeah. At the end of the order select Sending Address to the BARATA store where you want to receive the order. To communicate the arrival of the order we send a SMS, which you must show in the withdrawal act in store.


Can I return my order? Returns may be made within 15 days of your order. They are made through prior contact for customer support (by phone or email) and sending the article to return to the billing address, always indicating the order number.
You also have the option to return to the store.



Can I trade articles? Articles can be exchanged directly into a BARATA store of equal or higher value, with the period of 15 days to do so.



(We do not make refunds in physical store.)



Returning or changing my order has costs? Yeah. Return and exchange rates are in charge of the customer. You can send us your CTT order.
You can always choose to exchange your order in a BARATA physical store and you will not have costs.



 What payment methods are available? 


Accepted payment procedures are:


Reference ATM, MBWAY, Credit Card, Bank Transfer.


 How long do I have to pay my order? You have two days to pay your order. At the end of 2 days BARATA reserves the right to cancel the order.

 Can I pre-book items for online shopping?


We didn't pre-book articles. It is BARATA policy to keep sales fair for each client


How long does it take to get my order? Portugal Continental (Domicílio and Pick Up points) from 1 to 2 business days
Wood (Domicile) from 2 to 5 working days
Azores- (Domiciliary) from 3 to 6 working days

 How can I follow my order? The articles are sent with a tracking number to track the order. This number is sent via email and you can follow your orders in the link provided. Simply put the code (tracking number) and you will automatically receive information about your order movements, location and shipment.


Is the stock that appears on the site general or just online? The stock available on the site is general, corresponds to the stock of the stores Cheap shoe shop, (except for computer error)


How can I recover my password? In the section Login the possibility of recovering the password, where indicated Forgot Password?