General Conditions of Use


“General Conditions of Use” determine the rules of use of the cheap site and establish contractual relations between all users of the site www.https://sapatariabarata.com/en/ and the company XPTO-Representations cumcio calcado, Lda, proprietary website company http://www.spapatariabarata.com.
XPTO-Commercial representations calcado, Lda. is a society located with Sede: on Avenida Santa Joana n. 1 with Avenida 25 de Abril 3810-329 Aveiro taxpayer 503712787, Registered at the Commercial Conservatory of S. João da Madeira with no 1446/19960910 and CAE Principal 47721-R3.
The “General Conditions of Use” presented herein are the only applicable ones, except if there is a prior agreement, expressed in writing by the company XPTO-Commercial Representations, Lda. may, on time, amend the provisions of its General Conditions of Use.
By connecting to the site www.spapatariabarata.com, the customer undertakes to respect the “General Conditions of Sale”.
It is considered that when a request is validated, the customer is automatically accepting our “General Conditions of Use”.

User registration
To register on the Barata website use the "Client Log" option and fill in the requested data. The registration process is quite simple. We collect only the necessary elements so that we can identify, contact and provide a quality and personalized service.
The process comprises two stages:
1) Introduction of the information elements requested by the website.
2) Confirmation of registration: After entering the requested elements, you will receive in the email address that provided us with a message that will enable you to activate your account on the site https://sapatariabarata.com/en/ user of the cheap website responsible for the access elements to your account (username and password) in order to ensure the confidentiality of your data.
Registration is required to make purchase(s).

My account
The user of the site https://sapatariabarata.com/en/ is responsible for the access elements to your account (user name and password) in order to ensure the confidentiality of your data. Through the option “Change data” may query or change your personal data, edit your address list, view the orders made or change your password.
In situations of undue use of the site and regardless of the applicable legal procedure https://sapatariabarata.com/en/, reserves the right, in particular, to cancel your registration, removal of orders and any other type of content.
Barata guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by your customers. Data collection and processing is performed safely, which prevents your loss or manipulation.
Barata does not disclose or sell your Customers' data to third parties, so all information is confidential. Access to information is restricted, and this is only used for communication with the Customer, processing your orders, namely: payments, shipment and after-sales assistance.
All customers have the right to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their data. If you wish, at any time, to stop being part of the database Barata may exercise this right through a simple email to: orders@sapatariabarata.com

All orders made in www.https://sapatariabarata.com/en/ will be made via internet, by the site: 24/24 and 7/7 days. The customer will receive, by email, confirmation of the order made and confirmation of its availability.

Product Features
The illustrative photographs of the products presented here do not enter the contractual field and do not replace any commitment on the part of Cheap shoe On the other hand, with regard to the specifications and descriptions of the products of our partners or suppliers, Barata declines all responsibility for the validity of its content.
The data placed here is based on the information provided to the Cheap shoe by its suppliers, we make every effort to ensure that the information presented is free of typographical errors. However, whenever mistakes occur, we will proceed as soon as possible to correct them. In the event that the information presented does not correspond to the characteristics of the product, the customer will be informed and will have the right to terminate his purchase.

The sales prices indicated on the site are in euros, with taxes and taxes included. Delivery fees are charged to the customer and are charged at the end of the order, depending on the selected products, final value and delivery location.
A Cheap shoe reserves the right to modify prices at any time, however you will always apply the price indicated on the site at the time the customer makes the order. The website www.https://sapatariabarata.com/en/ reserves the right to modify at any time the information and commercial offer presented on: products, promotions, commercial conditions and services.

Cheap shoe respects the deadlines for an order as long as there is stock availability. If one of the products ordered is not available in stock Cheap shoe you will contact the customer by email or by telephone within 48 hours from the date of the order, Cheap shoe to present only products for sale that are in stock, in their warehouses, and there may be a discrepancy between the quantities presented for sale on the website www.https://sapatariabarata.com/en/ and the quantities existing in warehouse.


Delivery Mode

Products purchased at www.https://sapatariabarata.com/en/ are delivered in Portugal and Islands
A Cheap shoe deliver orders through to mainland Portugal, CTT Express or TNT, to the islands. Each shipment is accompanied by an envelope containing the following documents: Invoice/Recibo (original and copy). Product deliveries will occur only on business days.
Delivery time is 2 working days for the Continent, and up to 9 days for the Islands, and will count from the time of confirmation of payment.
The delivery deadlines are indicative are considered valid when there are no physical or structural impediments (e.g. incorrect addresses or major force setbacks). The price of the products purchased may be added. The value will be automatically calculated by the system.
In the event of the non-receipt of the order within the time limits indicated, an inquiry shall be made to the carriers mentioned above, which may take a few days. The Customer shall contact the Customer Service, orders@sapatariabarata.com and during this period no refund may be made, since the extravious order must be verified and confirmed.
If the product is not the one that has been requested or has visible defects Cheap shoe advises the customer to return the same, sending it to the address of the company XPTO-Representations of calcated trade, Lda The customer must also send an email at the following 24 hours, indicating the problem to the Customer Service to: Cheap shoe in case of delivery by the CTT in which the package has not been checked, the customer will have 24 hours to mark the problem to the Customer Service by phone 234182010
Any problem should be noted at the time of delivery. Once delivered the order by the CTT, the Barata is not responsible for any problems arising from the transport.
Please note that the Cheap shoe you will be required to refuse any refund or replacement request (retraction rights) for products that present external defects that have been accepted by our customers at the time of delivery. The right to retract remains valid for cases of defects that are detected by the customer after delivery and according to the terms provided by the law.
In order to avoid any delays, in order to enable the verification of data if necessary, the customer should inform as soon as they make their purchase: A phone number so we can contact you at any time of the day.
A Cheap shoe apologizes for the inconvenience caused, but these measures must be taken to protect customers from any fraud.
Payment methods:
The forms of payment available on the website https://sapatariabarata.com/en/ are: ATM, Visa Card or MasterCard :
The customer makes the order liquidation online through the site https://sapatariabarata.com/en/ using Visa or MasterCard cards. After transaction validation the products will be shipped.
Transfer Banking:
The customer makes the order settlement through a bank transfer, in this transfer must indicate the order number. The data to transfer will always be visible on the screen and in the email that the customer receives with your order.
Articles will be sent after confirmation by the bank entities, the transfer. This time is about up to 2 days, for transfer from Portugal, but can go up to 8 days for international transfers.
The customer makes the order settlement through the Paypal platform, within this platform has several payment modes, Example: Bank cards or even through a paypal account.
The customer makes the order settlement through any ATM system, by making it the company is notified and we can process the order immediately.


Right to retract satisfaction or refund

In order to exercise the right to retract, the Customer will have to return, within 15 days of receipt of the order, all the material received. This material must be new and complete, as at the time of receipt of the order, and the products must be returned to us in the original conditions.
The Customer must send to the email orders@sapatariabarata.com or contact customer support through the number 234 182 010,manifesting this intention.
This right of return can only be accepted for products in their original and complete state (packing, accessories, manuals) and in good condition.
Products returned incomplete, damaged or used by the customer will not be accepted.
In the event of a return to the article Cheap shoe has no responsibility Cheap shoe will not reimburse the value of the portions paid by the Customer when the Customer made the order, further assuming the customer the shipping of the item to be sent back to the Cheap shoe
In the event of the exercise of the right of retraction Cheap shoe will make it possible to reimburse the customer quickly, however, that this period will depend on the assessments that will be made to the material, with a maximum duration of 15 days (counted at the arrival of the same to the Cheap shoe The customer will be reimbursed by the same way he made the payment.
A Cheap shoe does not accept returns in situations where the modalities and times provided for by the legislation competent to communicate the year of retraction have not been complied with; or if the product is not packaged in the original packaging or not accompanied by all the original content.


Exchange of articles
Articles can be exchanged directly in a physical store Cheap shoe for articles of equal or higher value, having the period of 15 days to do so, If the customer has no possibility of going to a physical store Cheap shoe, should contact the online store by email to orders@sapatariabarata.com or for the telephone 234 182 010 and indicate their intended exchange, however the exchange procedure will be to return the item(s) to: Cheap shoe, Av. Santa Joana n. 1 with 25 April 3810-329 Aveiro and as soon as, the return is delivered to the address indicated with the item(s) under conditions the online store will refund, so that you can subsequently place a new order with the items you want.
In the event of an exchange of articles in which the Cheap shoe do not have any responsibility, the exchange costs are in charge of the customer.


Guarantees and after-sale service
All products sold are guaranteed compliance, without prejudice to applicable legal guarantees. The shipping fees of the product(s) are the responsibility of the customer. For the return of the order, the customer must contact our customer service.
A Cheap shoe undertakes to make any repairs to the suppliers. Whatever the problem related to your product, it is necessary to send along with the goods a copy of the invoice, or the warranty certificate of it. Attention, the warranty does not apply (or applies in part) to the repair of problems resulting from misuse, or non-use according to the manufacturer's usage specifications.
A Cheap shoe may not be held responsible if the manufacturer refuses to apply the warranty. The repair budgets not accepted by the customer may be subject to administrative fees. If you agree to the budget you must make a bank transfer corresponding to the respective value of the repair.


Litigation and responsibilities
For the resolution of any dispute arising from the interpretation or implementation of these General Conditions, the Court of the District of Aveiro shall be competent.
A Cheap shoe is not responsible for delays or breaches of contract for reasons of force majeure: disturbance, total or partial strike, postal services and means of transport or communication, flood, fire or war.
A Cheap shoe is not liable for any indirect damage: loss of exploitation, loss of benefit, loss of opportunity, damage or fees that may arise from the purchase of any product presented on the site.
Although our products have performances compatible with professional uses Cheap shoe is not directed to a professional audience. A Cheap shoe you will not be able to see your responsibility committed by any the result of a professional activity.

Content information
The website www.sapataraiabarata.com is intended only for particular use. The reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of the contents of the site sapataraiabarata.com, without prior written permission, is prohibited for other purposes.
To facilitate accessibility to other content, the website www.https://sapatariabarata.com/en/ may include links to other websites. This does not mean that https://sapatariabarata.com/en/ support these sites or recommend these products and services and decline any responsibility for the content of them. Customer accessing an external link should read and accept the conditions of this site before using it.
The product catalog on the site, www.https://sapatariabarata.com/en/ is independent of physical stores, both at the price level, and in stock quantities.
All promotional campaigns have limited and exclusive stock for online marketing, which is website philosophy, www.https://sapatariabarata.com/en/, that the store campaigns are identical to that of your physical stores.